Farm Manager, Chatanooga, TN

Position: Farm Manager

Terms: Full-Time, salaried position open now

General Overview:
Crabtree Farms is a non-profit organization that is home to an urban
teaching farm, Chattanooga’s local food program, and myriad
education opportunities for all ages. Located on 22 acres, our total
land under cultivation ranges from four to five acres and supports a 100+ person 31-week CSA, weekly offerings at the local year-round farmers market, and produce to local restaurants and food artisans. The small staff of farmers work with a daily rotation of volunteers to run the farming operations. Some volunteers have a weekly schedule
and season-long commitment, while the rest comprise a shifting array of regulars, curious community members, and service groups.
We grow over 120 varieties of fruit and vegetable and raise a couple goats for program animals (petting and education). Farm and greenhouse staff manage maintenance of grounds and equipment and are key to the successful planning and facilitation of several fundraising events each year. Additionally, the farm plays host to several annual Crabtree Farms events, field trips for school-age youth, workshops, community events, and more.

Job Description:
This is a salaried, full-time position, which encompasses many aspects of the Urban Farm. This position reports directly to the Executive Director and works closely with the management team comprised of the Greenhouse Manager, Community Partnerships Manager, and Farm Manager. Duties for this position include, but are not
limited to:
• Planning and implementing growing, greenhouse, and ground preparation calendars
• Ensuring farm remains a safe, enjoyable place for volunteers, school groups, and general public
• Directing harvesting and post-harvest processing
• Facilitating general farm maintenance
• Overseeing crop maintenance such as weeding, cultivating, planting, and mowing
• Working with and directing volunteers and a small, dedicated staff
• As needed, there will be additional duties depending on the needs of the farm
• Administrative tasks will be assigned as necessary
• Other responsibilities are outlined below

The Farm Manager must be experienced in all aspects of the farm, specifically in sustainable methods of vegetable, fruit and flower production. The individual should have excellent organizational skills, the ability to communicate clearly with staff and customers, be creative, and must maintain a high standard of quality control. The ideal
candidate will be self-motivated, have good time management, and be able to make decisions quickly as circumstances change. The FM will need to carry out procedures involved in all jobs, and must understand and implement the appropriate planting, pruning and harvesting schedules. This position demands a person who is dependable, reliable, and self-motivated. The candidate must be physically
capable of performing job duties. The candidate must be prepared to work in potentially adverse conditions, such as high heat, rain, etc. Other qualifications include:
• Experience: 3+ years, preferably one year with a community farm
• CSA experience
• Mechanical, carpentry, and plumbing experience
• Friendly, outgoing personality willing to work with the public and those interested in
• Proficient with the Microsoft Office Suite
• Experience with Quickbooks
• Detail Oriented, use of common sense
• Clear and effective communicationThis position is largely an outdoor position. Crabtree Farms is a beautiful place to work, but time there must be

This position is largely an outdoor position. Crabtree Farms is a beautiful place to work, but time there must be spent productively. This job is ideal for a person that enjoys multi-tasking, jumping from project to project and who is not thrown off task easily. This job requires someone who is focused, stays on task, and can get the tasks
completed amidst the busy environment.

Key responsibilities:
1. Works closely with the Volunteer Coordinator, Greenhouse Manager and Assistant FM in leadership and management of volunteer and intern activities on the Farm. This includes delegating tasks, monitoring quality of work, and providing a positive work environment and educational instruction.
2. Chooses WorkShare participants for the season, creates their schedule, and monitors their hours throughout the season. The FM is responsible for making sure that all WorkShare are meeting their commitments and must address anyone that is not.
3. Keeps record of the crops: ground preparation, amendment, planting times, locations and harvests. During the growing season, this will include proper maintenance of summer crops through cultivation, fertilization, and spraying for pests/disease as needed.
4. Ensures that proper soil samples are taken in the winter and will need a basic understanding in reading
soil samples in order to create an amendment plan for the working season.
5. Is responsible for proper storage of all vegetables. In doing this, the FM will also monitor the condition of
storage and harvest bins ensuring that there are plenty to use throughout the season. This also includes making sure that the farm has adequate supplies necessary for packing produce which includes wax boxes, paper and plastic produce bags, paper bags, rubber bands, and herb bags.
6. Manages the marketing of produce as needed seasonally, as well as packing for orders in an efficient and organized manner. Quality control is essential to ensure no mistakes are made in this process.
7. Manages the full- and holiday-season CSAs, which includes the related paperwork, coordinating the daily harvests, maintaining high-quality standards, and ensuring that the year’s boxes are meeting their estimated value. Collaborates with the Assistant Farm Manager to effectively and efficiently supervise running the farm and its finances
8. Plans the next season. This includes crop profit analyses, crop rotations, adjustments in crop variety and quantity, the seed order for the Urban Farm and plant sales, soil tests and the calculations and ordering of soil amendments, and the Deerfield order for farm and greenhouse supplies. Additionally, the FM collaborates on the construction and execution of the winter list of duties, usually comprising large-scale projects and maintenance.
9. Oversees general care of all implements and machinery. The machinery should be in good working order and receive annual tune-ups.
10. Maintains the barn. This involves keeping tools in working order and annually cleaning and sharpening tools. It also includes making sure the trash, recycling and compost are taken out on time and that the farm has proper trash bags. The FM will manage all staff’s use of the barn and tools to ensure proper usage and placement.
11. Tractor work on the farm. This includes managing the ground preparation calendar, noting weather conditions, and ensuring implementation. Amendments and cover crop implementation are also the responsibility of the FM.
12. Manages all irrigation equipment, including proper storage, assessment of needs, and ordering parts needed ahead of schedule.
13. Shares in the general responsibilities of all Crabtree staff. These duties may include, but are not limited to: grounds maintenance; cleaning and maintenance of the building and facilities; preparation, execution, and clean-up for special events and workshops; care and maintenance of shared equipment and systems such as compost, garbage, and recycling; care, feeding, and maintenance of farm animals; and greeting and assisting the general public.

The greatest benefits are the access to healthy food, fresh air, honest work, new skills, great people, and passionate coworkers.
– United Healthcare health insurance.
– One half-share CSA membership each season
– Two weeks paid vacation; normal vacation regulations apply
– Professional development funds available to be applied for and learning reported on
– SIMPLE IRA with employer match program
– Yearly salary of $25-30,000

To Apply:
Send Cover Letter and Resume to:
MAIL: Crabtree Farms
FM Search
PO Box 2250
Chattanooga, TN 37409
FAX: 423/624-7439

Deadline: Until position filled; as soon as possible preferred as the position is open now


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