Community Garden Developer, Atlanta, GA

TYPE: Full-Time
Greenleaf is not your typical farming operation. We don’t know much about farming at all, but we have an idea and boundless passion around it. Greenleaf is primarily an owner of apartment buildings in the Southeast, based in Atlanta. We started with one small apartment community on Edgewood Ave ten years ago and now have thousands of families that depend upon our team to provide safe, reliable housing that meets their needs. As we have grown, we are continually looking to change the way communities live, interact and eat. Our goal is to provide an organic food source to families so that they can provide one meal every day for their entire family. To achieve this goal we are actively expanding our community garden programs throughout our communities, providing an on site recurring food source. It is quite a challenge and it wont be easy. If you are passionate about changing how communities interact with food, eager to get your hands dirty in building gardens, chicken coops and chasing around some goats, then this is probably the opportunity for you.

We are looking for someone who wants to be on the front line of building, developing, teaching and engaging the community around community food production.
At the core of this role will be the passion and drive to build production capabilities for locally grown organic foods and share your experience and knowledge with the community. Functionally we will be constructing and maintaining community gardens throughout the greater Atlanta area along with a farm operation in North Georgia.
Here is a sample of our first garden that our team built!

Salaried, 50k to 100k

Email Send your resume and your story of why this sounds like the dream position for you!


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