Finding an Internship

There are numerous opportunities for internships and apprenticeships throughout the US and around the world. It’s important to read the job descriptions carefully and recognize that there are many people and non-profits entering the realm of food production and food systems. Some of these groups have good intentions and lots of non-profit experience, often with very little knowledge or experience in food production (i.e. long on ideas, short on resources). The best opportunities are those that have staff or partners with sound knowledge and experience growing food and can provide a true mentorship experience. Those opportunities that expect interns or apprentices to start up a farm from scratch have good intentions but are dreaming. Opportunities that do not, at least, provide housing and some kind of stipend should be scrutinized to determine what the true benefit will be for the intern. It may be the perfect entry into a career field, or the experience may be a nightmare operation with no resources or ability to implement stated goals. The best internships are with organizations or small farms with years of experience,  pay a stipend or food allowance, provide housing (or adequate salary to cover housing) and have experienced mentors.

The best websites to find Internships are:

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

National Center for Appropriate Technology

Sustainable Living and Farm Jobs

Good Food Jobs


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